Monty the Beagle and the Peach

Monty and I sat in the backyard as the light fell and the evening came. The weather has become a little cool, which I prefer. Wrapped in a wool blanket, laying on the ground, I was perfectly content. Monty spent time between sitting beside me and exploring the garden.

The moon shone brightly in the sky over the peach tree.

The peaches have begun to turn yellow and orange - no longer are they merely hard lumps of green.

I picked one without too many blemishes and the hard, transparent gum that seems to appear on many of the peaches.

I took a few bites - the flesh was firm, like an apple, but tasty like a peach. I'm guessing it still has a week to go before it is ready for eating, but it was really nice!

Monty wanted to see what I was eating. He wanted to give it a try. So I took a few final bites, and tossed it to the ground.

He danced about it, and took a few bluff runs at the half-devoured peach. Then he played with it with his foot a little, kicking it about. Finally he lay down, gave it a few half-hearted chews, pushed it away with his snout and then went about his back garden peregrinations - searching for insects and squirrels and snuffly things.



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