Campfire in the Valley - Again

I had another wander into the valley this evening with the beagle.

Monty raced about and got lots of exercise.

After settling down under the pines to make a campfire, I made a hot chocolate and had a chunk of cheddar cheese.

At one point I looked behind me, to see a rabbit scamper a few feet away from me into some underbrush.

Monty came snuffling by a minute later, tail wagging like crazy.

I was very warm in my clothing, a couple of wool sweaters and a couple pairs of pants, along with wool socks and a wool pea-coat wrapping me up - not to mention my new shearling hat.

The fire was a nice addition - made it very comfortable.



Into the Wild, Call of the Wild, Wild Hawk, Wild Beagle

I think today we're going out to the book store to spend some of a gift certificate my parents got us for Christmas, and then maybe we'll see a movie.

Always nice to see a movie on the big screen.

Over the past couple of days I have watched Snow Walker, Into the Wild and a couple of Ray Mears Extreme Survival shows on the computer.

I am currently reading Guy Grieve's Call of the Wild.

I am about half-way through and I absolutely love this book. I highly recommend it to anyone interesting in winter survival and bushcraft and camping. Entertaining reading too...

Monty and I spent a little time watching the birds and squirrels in the backgarden a few minutes ago. He is worn out from the long trek into the woods last evening, and would prefer to lay about and occasionally perk up his ears.

A red-tailed hawk landed on the back fence and loitered around the bird feader.

It then took flight and careened off into the sky.



Hot Chocolate in the Woods

After work today I came home to my new hat - it had arrived by courier while I was away...

I picked up Lahmacun and heated it up for Spring, and then got on my coat and new hat and gloves and packed up a knapsack with a Nalgene bottle full of water, my butane/propane stove, my tin mug and put on Monty's leash.

We walked on down into the valley behind the house and after wandering along past the creek, found a birch tree and took a few loose strips of birch bark and put it in my pocket to start a campfire.

Stomping through the snow a while, I led Monty into a pine wood, and found a tree against which I could set up and sit down.

After arranging my folding camping chair - the type without legs, just an L-shaped stiffened foam set up - I got a fire going and then lit the stove to boil the water.

A nice hot chocolate, a warm fire, the sound of a beagle running around the woods behind me and a dark, quiet evening - perfect.

I find that my propane/butane stove is quick and easy to use. I don't use this camping, because the containers are a pain to pack out once used up, it is hard to see how full of fuel they are, and of course my naptha stove seems to give out a lot more heat.

I am ready for the New Year now.


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