Photos Taken During a Drive in the Country

This afternoon I went for a drive in the country, about 55 kilometers north, beyond Newmarket, and just below Lake Simcoe.

The major snows of last weekend have begun to melt, with temperatures wavering around freezing.

I drove onto side roads, and used my GPS device in the car to keep me away from the main roads.

I could drive for days up there, and perhaps I might plan to get in the car one Saturday morning, drive and drive and find a place to make camp one night and then make it back home on a Sunday. I'd like to do this during the winter snows, nothing like camping in the snow.

A precocious mare galloped up to me as I got out of my car to take a photo of a field, and she bobbed and dropped her head - I wasn't sure if it was an inviting gesture, or a challenging gesture, as she seemed to want to leap the fence and come straight at me.

I made conversation with her. She just blinked at me, and nodded her head.

I stopped beside a nice looking barn and took a few photos.

Fence posts and wire in the snow. This is a beautiful time of year, and if you can get past the muddy slush and the wet and ice, you'll find some amazing sights.



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