Hot Chocolate in the Woods

After work today I came home to my new hat - it had arrived by courier while I was away...

I picked up Lahmacun and heated it up for Spring, and then got on my coat and new hat and gloves and packed up a knapsack with a Nalgene bottle full of water, my butane/propane stove, my tin mug and put on Monty's leash.

We walked on down into the valley behind the house and after wandering along past the creek, found a birch tree and took a few loose strips of birch bark and put it in my pocket to start a campfire.

Stomping through the snow a while, I led Monty into a pine wood, and found a tree against which I could set up and sit down.

After arranging my folding camping chair - the type without legs, just an L-shaped stiffened foam set up - I got a fire going and then lit the stove to boil the water.

A nice hot chocolate, a warm fire, the sound of a beagle running around the woods behind me and a dark, quiet evening - perfect.

I find that my propane/butane stove is quick and easy to use. I don't use this camping, because the containers are a pain to pack out once used up, it is hard to see how full of fuel they are, and of course my naptha stove seems to give out a lot more heat.

I am ready for the New Year now.


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