The Great Perseids and the Back Garden

Last night between 11:00 and midnight I sat in the backyard on a chair in the dark staring at the night sky.

The Great Perseids meteor shower was to begin overnight and I figured that I'd better watch a bit before I went to bed.

The moment I stepped outside, a huge light streaked across the sky, in the blink of an eye, leaving a white smoke trail behind it.

I tracked the path back to the originating spot in the sky, adjusted my chair and sat down.

Monty raced towards the fence and growled after a juvenile raccoon who was curiously staring at us, and then he very deliberately sat down in the potato patch and looked around.

Soon, all I could see of him was a white blotch and the white tip of his tail as he snuffled about by the compost bin.

Over the next hour I saw about a half-dozen large meteors leave smoke in the sky - Earthgrazers as they are known - and marveled at the view.

Another half dozen or so satellites slowly and steadily tracked across the starry sky.

The bright half-moon probably obscured the dimmer meteors though.

I thought that if I was not in the middle of the city, and instead in a canoe drifting in a lake in Algonquin Park that I'd be enjoying the vista quite a lot more.

Spring was sleeping, so I didn't wake her to come out and see.



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