Cheese Croissants and a Brown Leather Sofa

I am at quite a loss with finding something to write about today. Wish I had more to say.

Wish I had oodles of words and a plethora of passages related to what I consider to be the main theme of this blog: camping, bushcraft and the outdoors.

But I don't. I soon will, I am certain of it, but not now.

Not today. Or at least, not this hour.

Perhaps next hour. But anyway, not now.

Spring and I watched a show on people buying a house somewhere in Lancashire, England and thought that would be a nice place to go.

I think I would like to find a house in the foothills of Alberta or somewhere in the woods of British Columbia, or just somewhere north of here - near the trees.

In lieu of grand essays and backwoods adventures richly woven with deep, revelatory passages of sagacity and cleverality (yes, I made that word up), I shall instead present some pictures of our new leather sectional (whatever that means) sofa and of the cheese croissants that I baked for breakfast.

The sofa is squishy and comfortable, and the croissants were flaky and rather nice.



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