Join the All-New Mungo Says Bah Facebook Fan Page!

Are you a Facebook user? Do you enjoy dropping by to read Mungo Says Bah from time to time? If you do, you might want to join the fan page for Mungo Says Bah on Facebook.

How do you join? It's simple - just go to and click on the Become a Fan link.

Non-intrusive, low-calorie, high in fibre and delicious, you will be able to read shortened posts and find out news and announcements in your feed (just like when another friend does something and their actions appear in your page) and meet fellow Mungo Says Bah fans.

What is the benefit to you? Uhm. Not... entirely... sure. You get to read posts as soon as they happen. You get to become a member of an elite fan club. You might even win an all-expenses-paid 21 day cruise in the Caribbean. But then again, you might not.



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