Blanket of Snow

The winter storm came in the night and put a thick white blanket on the ground.

As the day wore on, Monty and I stepped out into the blowing storm and wandered about in the backyard.

The new shed seems to be standing up to the cold, winter weather well. I stepped inside the shed for a moment - it is warm and dry and I imagine I could sleep in it one night with my sleeping bag and Thermarest mattress. That might be fun.

I would bring a small stove in and make something to eat, and listen to the radio and maybe read a book with my lantern.

The birds assembled on the fence taking all the food that is left over. I need to buy more bird feed - well, actually, bird and squirrel feed. It's an equal-opportunity feeding station.

The snow has actually warmed things up, a thick insulating coat all around. We stayed out for a while, poking around, snuffling about under the snow.

The cedar and juniper shrubs are as green as ever, and fragrant still in the cool winds. It won't be long now until the first buds of spring begin to emerge from the frozen earth and from branches and boughs.

This year we will focus somewhat on the back yard, planting and taking care of the soil. I'm thinking of wandering down into the valley and finding flora that I can transplant...

So that was the wander in the snowy backyard. Hope you have enjoyed your day too.



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