A Wonderfully Wild Wednesday Walk at Work

I went on a wonderfully wild walk at work today.

Milkweed flowers.


Red berries.

Around work here in north Toronto, there is a 1 mile track through brush and bush and a colleague and I tramped through it all.

Holy fungus.

Bitter nasty tasting berries.

I tasted them to confirm.

I brought my camera and took photos as we discussed business, the economy, life and careers.

The last raspberry of the season.

The colours of autumn and new winter are hidden in the dull brown around us now.

A gall.

Staghorn Sumac - time to make some cold lemonade from it.

I've never seen Ribbed Plantain (P. lanceolata) before.

Or noticed it. Here are some nice specimans. Apply a poulstice of this to a wound and it will heal quickly. Seriously.

A knobbly fungus.



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