A Bumblebee, A Beagle, and a Future Camping Trip

We dressed James up as a bumblebee on Halloween.

He was a very determined bumblebee.

After a quick visit to the leaves on the front lawn, we visited a few neighbours and collected a few treats.

He is growing up quickly - two little teeth are beginning to appear in his mouth. He can say 'Da-da' and 'Ma-ma' and 'guhguh-ihgu-eeeeeei'. While he his not crawling, he is able to piece together various rolling movements to arrive at his intended location. Roll, rotate, roll, rotate, roll.

He is getting interested in Monty. He spent a while tussling with his tail. At one point he lifted the tail, and prompted Monty's natural gaseous inclinations to emerge. This brought pause to James, who then spent the next minute or two watching the tail end carefully, trying to figure out what happened. Monty happily chewed away on his toy. I am really happy that the two of them get along - you don't want an irritated dog around a child.

It won't be long until he is able to come camping with his Daddy. Mummy will help get him all ready, and will wish us lots of luck, and keep down the fort while we are away. Daddy will remain in cell phone contact by staying close to a cell tower, and report every hour on our progress. This probably won't take place until next year though.

Hope you're all having a good day!


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