A Fungal Walk in the Valley

Yesterday my parents dropped by the house and we went for a walk in the valley. Spring and James had gone out for the day so they didn't come. Next time!

It was a remarkably warm day.

I wish that the rest of the winter would be as warm as this.

Most leaves are gone now from the trees.

Berries remain.

Plants are going to seed - milkweed is fluffy.

This is a panorama shot. I really need a tripod so I could create some nicer ones.


Descending into the valley.

On the beach watching the water.

On the beach, watching the camera.


Here I am walking up river.

I wish I had a river rushing by my bed at night. It would help me sleep. I'd probably end up peeing a lot though.

Mushrooms are popping up everywhere. I don't know what this one is.

Goldenrod has mostly gone to seed.

Juniper berries taste nice if you pop one in your mouth and leave it there. Chew it too quickly and it gets pretty nasty. It tastes like gin. Gin tastes like juniper berries.


Milkweed pod.

This way into the valley has no trees. The area was an apple orchard for decades, up to about 1950.

Milkweed pod and seeds (again).

This tree decided to stay stuck in another tree, instead of falling down.






Dryad's Saddle - a bracket fungus. This one is old and dead.



River (but you already knew that).

More river.

A quieter area of the river. I am feeling uninspired to write much about these images. Hope you're okay with that.

My parents really enjoyed the walk - they didn't realize how extensive the valley system was close to our house.

I'd like to explore the region around this bend of the river, but I'd have to wade through the water to get further. Next time, maybe.


Mushroom gills shown beside a snail shell found in the pine forest.


A clump o' mushrooms.

Making our way through the underbrush.

We saw a couple of deer tracks, but no deer. They hang out in the field shown above. I would love to see a deer down there.

Maybe next time.



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