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So if you're not familiar with Twitter, you might want to be. To clarify the difference between blogs, search engines and social web services like Twitter:
  • Search engines like Google and Yahoo! collate and catalogue facts and information from a multitude of sites - news sites, blog sites, and other web sites.
  • Blogs present facts, information, feelings and ideas, images and more in lengthy posts. Blog posts reside on specific websites ('blogs') set up by users at specific domains, and are sometimes like diaries, or like subject-specific 'zines.
  • Twitter (and other social web services) allow users to post feelings and ideas in 140 character posts to Twitter.com and under your personal account URL (Twitter.com/mungobah for me). You can search for key words across all 140 character posts (or 'Tweets') that anyone posts. You can reply specifically to an individual (albeit in a public fashion) twitterer. You can search for tweets on specific topics and follow links that the twitterers show.
That being said - here is a nifty 'tag cloud' showing the main key tags I tweet about:



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