Upcoming Bushcraft Posts - And Wot I 'ave Been Up To

We've been tidying up the house over the last few weeks, and I'm concentrating on the basement where I store all my camping equipment. It is time for some kit admin, and organization.

I will show photos soon, but I have been making some alcohol stoves & built some simple but effective pot stands out of galvanized steel mesh.

My first attempt at net making is going really well! I am using cotton string for now, but I could use some nylon monofilament and give gill netting a try sometime. I would love to try cast netting, but I wouldn't make one, I would buy one instead...

I would use them where legal... of course.

Finally, I have a whole bunch of flowers that I whittled of which I intend to take photos.

Too tired tonight.

Go easy,


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