Wooden Spoon Carving

So last night as I sat watching a few wood carving tutorials on YouTube, I started making a mini-feather stick out of a piece of fat wood I had laying around.

A minute or two later I was finished, and I felt in a wood carving mood. Ever been in one of those? I began to rummange around the laundry room's unfinished ceiling rafters where the previous owners had stashed some 1 x 2 pieces of pine.

Fetching a two foot length of seasoned pine, I sat down again. I stared at it for a little to visualize the form of a long serving spoon. I sharpened my carbon steel Mora on a mini-diamond card for a while until I was satisfied that the blade was razor sharp.

Tonight I finished carving it, and all I have left to do is to sand the bowl and shaft of the spoon.

I'll post pictures shortly, but it goes to show that you can play in the woods at your own desk at home in front of the television if you are determined enough.

Here are a few spoon carving links to explore.



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