A Walk at Rowangarth Farm

This past Sunday I made the 2 hour drive out to Decado's new digs.

He and his family have moved to Rowangarth Farm out near Marmora, Ontario.

I arrived in the morning and met the family and saw the house - an old country house that has been built upon and expanded over the years.

It's my type of house - warm, wooden and full of character.

Decado then took me for a guided walk around the 70 acre plot, through mixed deciduous and coniferous forest, open pastures and ponds.

Pines and Balsam and Cedar and Ironwood and Maple and groves of Sumac and I am sure many more trees that I didn't get a chance to get acquainted with.

The Canadian Shield is close to the surface there.

Igneous rocks tumble from outcrops and emerge at one point from an old mine, which has since been abandoned.

Evidence of caves is all about - a porcupine den occupies one hill side, and I imagine the porcupine wandering an elaborate maze of tunnels, full of gold and silver from the old mine.

I met Leeroy and Cinderella the donkeys.

Leeroy has an afro.

I fed them carrots.

I want 2 donkeys now.

I met 10 chickens.

They are - in order - named Ella, Ella, Ella, Ella, Ella, Ella, Ella, Ella, Ella, and Ella.

I met Jack and Ella, the kiddos (Ella named the chickens).

They are terrific kids, and after the guided tour, the four of us went and put a fire together my Mora knife and a piece of Quartz that Decado handed me... and a piece of charcloth.

As I was leaving, Decado and his family gave me a dozen farm fresh eggs.

When I got home, I cooked an omelette for Spring and myself.

Thems was goooood egggggggs.I look forward to many more visits to the land there - I had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Bushcraft heaven.



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