A Walk in the Park with Autumn Coming

I went for a walk in the park with Monty this afternoon.

Autumn is coming.

The light in the evening casts long shadows.

Shrubs and trees are putting their final bursts of energies into berries - hoping birds will take them and drop the seeds somewhere favourable.

Some seeds emerge from pods, skipping the berries and hoping to be pulled out on a breeze.

Some trees are shedding leaves, but this willow is holding on to them.

Monty is full of energy.

The rains seem to have passed - cirrostratus clouds remind us of clear weather ahead.

Berries I don't recognize begin to appear.

And Monty takes a break.


Conifers - they make cones.

They make their seeds alongside the berries of other plants.

Resin covers this spruce wound.

The red of the leaves begin to reveal themselves.

The glowing entrance to the valley calls to me.

The colours of the evening light beckon.

The weekend school building is quiet.

Almost home, the locust tree glows, and I can see my house behind the fence.

The grand willow tree in the park will wait for our next go around.



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