Pinetree Lake Algonquin Park Solo Trip - Part 3: Exploring the Surroundings

At a few points during my recent solo canoeing and camping trip into Algonquin Park, I went for a wander into the surrounding hills. Monty followed dutifully, occasionally tripping me up.


Each time I brought my knife, a ferrocerium fire starting rod, some paracord, instant coffee, sugar, powdered milk and my mug - just in case.

Just in case I needed to build a shelter and have a cup of coffee.

The camp site was on sort of a peninsula. A flat region covered in marshy vegetation separated the peninsula from the mainland. Monty waded up to his belly. I hopped over the wet using logs and stones.

Hop hop hop.

I would sit and make a fire when I felt like it. Birch bark shaved up into little curls was my tinder. Pine knots - the base of pine boughs kicked out of rotten, fallen trees was my kindling and fuel.

They pop right out with little rounded bases, and these pieces are well saturated in pine resin. They smell good. They burn hot with little smoke, and very brightly. Using these in your fire is a great survival tip for those without an axe and having to stay out in woods overnight.

I simply balanced my mug filled with water from a nearby stream on the embers of the fire.

On another walk, I brought a freeze-dried meal. That was nice. I don't mind those freeze-dried meals. Especially the lasagna one. Mmm.

There's nothing quite like sitting in the middle of the woods, knowing that no-one is around literally for miles and miles. It's very peaceful.

The next time I go, I'll make a quick shelter with a tarp deep in the woods and spend the night there.

Hope you're having a good weekend,


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