A Walk in the Park and the Valley Entrance

Monty and I went for a walk in the park and into the valley entrance last evening. He was a very energetic beagle, hopping, snuffling, and running about. Spring stayed inside, wrapped up in a blanket, reading a book.

The leaves are beginning to turn, and the nights are getting cooler. We had frost last night.

The evening starts earlier, and the days are getting shorter.

Fewer people congregate in the park and play softball in the evenings.

Brilliant sunsets give colour to the landscapes. The locust tree above holds onto its green leaves still.

The maples are turning red and yellow.

The low sun shines golden and brightens up windows and buildings.

As long as you are bundled up, the evenings are warm.

This is a big old willow.


This is the entrance to the woods. I hadn't brought much kit with me, so I didn't go any deeper than this. I might be going today.

But the night had begun to fall.

And on our way back home, Monty looked tired, and I was ready to sit down and watch some television.



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