Eating Things Off The Ground - Dandelions

So I left the building briefly this afternoon to walk to the campus cafeteria to grab a Coke. Returning to the main building I saw one of my team members heading out into the sunshine for a breath of air. We sat at a picnic table and began to chat. At one point he carefully and politely asked me what I was eating. Without realizing it, I had been plucking young dandelion leaves from the ground and delicately snacking on them as we discussed our weekend plans, and casual departmental dynamics.

After quickly and not too desperately explaining why it was good to eat dandelions and other wild foods, he thanked me for "effectively defusing what could have been a very awkward situation". After all, I'm his new boss and the last thing I need is for rumours amongst the group to begin that I like eating things off the ground.

Cheers (here's to good eating),


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