Bushcraft and Outdoors Blogs That I'm Reading These Days

Here are a few blogs related to the outdoors that I have been reading recently - please drop by and check them out!
Pablo’s Woodlife: Wildlife, Tracking and Bushcraft
A journal to record observations, thoughts and notes about nature, tracking and bushcraft. Pablo has just gone through a major redesign and the site looks great. He has more fun in the outdoors than I do... lucky fellow!

The Roundrock Journal is about a little bit of forest on the edge of the Missouri Ozarks... great reading and nice photographs of flora.

Woodcraft in Poland covers subjects as various as wood carving, survival and preparedness, bushcraft, camping, tracking, nature, knives and tools, primitive skills, Polish history and culture and anything else that comes to his English teacher mind. Sam is going through a redesign of his site too.

Going Prepared. Storl describes the blog as being about "having fun in the outdoors, without the “I need to escape from this place immediately” mentality. The site is about always being prepared enough to never make it to the survival stage. There are always exceptions to the rule, however, so I will also talk about what to do when your gear fails or when you end up in a place unprepared." It contains great resources.

As The Crow Flies offers stories about the Journeys of Crow. Very funny at times, insightful and short and sweet - I highly recommend dropping by to read it. She lives in a small cabin in the mountains somewhere... :-)

And last but not least today, make sure you drop by Tim Smith's The Jack Mountain Bushcraft Blog. Wise, fun, and learned posts on outdoors, bushcraft and topics like experiential education techniques. Brilliant and highly recommended.
Note that you can subscribe to all of these for free using a Feed Reader like Google Reader. Best darn thing I ever did in the blogosphere - getting on to Google Reader.



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