Rabbit and Beagle

On Monday morning I looked out the back window to observe the birds at the feeder and saw a flash of brown fur hopping about.

A rabbit had gotten into the backyard, probably due to the very high snow allowing it passage over the low fence.

It appears that it had been in the back for a while, as evidenced by an accumulation of droppings and footprints up and down the fence. He seemed to want to leave.

Before letting Monty out for his morning business, I clattered the screen door, and put on my shoes - to warn it to hide, and in case I needed to intervene in a beagle and rabbit showdown.

The rabbit hopped away quickly and hid behind the shed, peering cautiously out around the corner.

Monty snuffled about a bit, looked around suspiciously, did his business and came back inside again.

Before leaving, I opened the back gate to allow the rabbit to leave. When I came home that afternoon, the rabbit was gone. I let Monty outside and he charged around in the snow (he must have been watching the rabbit hop around that morning) and proceeded to eat all of the rabbit droppings.

What a strange beagle.



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