The Bulbs Are Coming Up!

I went outside in the backyard this morning with Monty so that he could make his morning ablutions, and so that I could enjoy the warming temperatures. The temperature is rising - it is 5 degrees Celsius at the moment. This is melting some of the snow and the ice and making drips and icicles all around.

The squirrels and birds are lining up around the bird feeder to nibble on the sunflower seeds and peanuts that I have left out for them. Must be fun - like going to a buffet. I like buffets. I eat the roast beef, and keep away from the shrimp.

Monty lingers a little longer poking around in the snow, and digs a little in the exposed earth - excited with the reminder of spring.

Beside the house, the snow has melted away from the week's warm sun and exposed the earth. I looked down and noticed - to my surprise - bulbs that are beginning to emerge from the soil.

They might be snowdrops.

They might be crocuses.

They might be creeping charlies.

But I don't really know.

I will know better in a few days.

Right now I don't really care what they are.

I'm just excited that green bits are coming up out of the brown bits and reminding me that the white bits will soon be gone.

Come on spring.

Show yourself.

After all, you've got your foot in the door.

Just give it a good push.



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