A Walk in the Valley Woods

I went for a walk this afternoon in the valley, in the woods with my canteen, camera, knife and flint.

I turned sticks...

...into a little fire, keeping me warm on the riverbank.

This little fella decided to inspect my jacket.

Sitting on the riverbank, I could hear only birds and the rushing of water.

Amazing how it is only a couple of miles from the busiest highway in North America (the 401).

I made my way back after an hour or so, finding little sights in the woods.

The smell of the leaves and soil and blossoms was strong.

I didn't see anyone else during my time down there - it had rained earlier and I think most folks preferred to spend their Sunday indoors.

I prefer a bit of both sometimes.

Drinking from my canteen, I whittled away on a stick and watched a red cardinal flit about on the the banks.

No bears presented themselves.

No deer either, but I wouldn't have been surprised to see a fox, or as I did last week, a rabbit.

Certainly if I was to remain still for long enough, I might see some secrets down there.

Think I will bring a lightweight camping chair or something next time.

A few minutes after I got home, the heavens opened wide and an amazing rainstorm washed down the streets, and through the leaves.

Glad I'm home now.

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