Moving and Monty

So we have moved into our new home. We spent our week navigating a labyrinth of opened packing boxes, and awkward arrangements of upended furniture, displaced cooking pots and orphaned cables. Soon it will come together, but until then we will continue to move amongst papers and dishes, and order Swiss Chalet or Pizza Pizza, or boil up the Kraft Dinner macaroni & cheese which has sustained us mostly. Trouble is, we didn't pack everything so we simply don't know where to find the basic things: spoons, remote controls (what? We actually have to stand up and change the channel? BAH!), socks, toothpaste, etc...

We picked Monty up from the surgery last Tuesday evening - he was doped up but beside him self with excitement when he saw us - his back leg is shaved and has a 5 inch stapled incision. He dangled, and skipped on it for the first couple days, but it is returning to normal, and he doesn't seem to be limping on it like he was in the weeks leading up to the surgery (he had ruptured his cardiac cruciate ligament completely in his knee). The second night after picking him up, he woke us up twice panting, and crying - probably in pain. I gave him pain medication and calmed him down. He still has to use his harness leash for his walks on the lawn, and we bought a stake with a cable so he can wander in a 15 foot circle, without fear of tripping in the bushes or getting caught in the side of the house by the fence etc... he'll be off that soon enough. I carry him up and down the stairs (good workout) out into the backyard. Spring and I took turns initially watching him, and for the first day he squeaked and cried whenever one of us left his eyesight - we suspect a bit of separation anxiety - he'd never been away from us for 4 days before, and was probably a bit nervous about us leaving him. He's improved now, and has full reign of the finished basement.

Mungo says more updates soon.

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