The Woods at Rogers Reservoir Conservation Area - Part 1 of 2

At lunch the other day, I went for a quick drive to the Rogers Reservoir Conservation Area - just north of where I work.

Red squirrels nibbled on corn husks taken from the farmer's field beside the woods.

They were bold - this one chattered away at me, chasing me off. I let him chase me off.

I pulled out an MRE and a heating pack. It took too long to heat, so I ended up eating room temperature ravioli. Not great.

I took out my Trangia and boiled some water but didn't end up using it. Sitting on a small blanket kept me cosy.

These woods are so empty of people.

Except for me.

I need to take my flower identification book with me next time.

I love my little Trangia. It is rock solid.

Ontario's official flower, the Trillium blanketed the woods.

Amongst the leaf litter, I found old tin cans (from the 40s probably) and farm implements that were mostly rusted away.

I had a jolly old time.

Swallows nested under a pedestrian bridge.

The swooped up and down the river, catching flying insects.

They were almost too fast for my camera to catch.

Iridescent blues and purples shone from their feathers.

They were just a blur most of the time.

The river was still and quiet.

Last year's bullrushes faded to fluff.

This is used for nesting materials for birds. Tinder for humans.

Songbirds called out from shrubs and trees.

Railway tracks snake through the park.

The bird (Baltimore Oriole?) called out a most unusual song.

American Goldfinches flitted about.

And the bird (maybe this instead is a Baltimore Oriole?) called out a most unusual song.

I need to get my bird identification book out.



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