Notes on Camping in Algonquin Park

Driving into Algonquin we saw a moose in the bushes just off of the highway. We got out of the car, and it looked at us. It ate a little and looked at us a little. After a while it went away. Years ago on a solo canoeing trip, a moose came to my camp site and fell into the water. I got out of my tent to investigate this early morning splash. It was a baby moose, who slipped while trying to get a drink of water from the lake. I looked behind me and momma moose was there, looking a bit frantic and big. I quickly made myself absent and hid behind a tree off to the side. They left. I relaxed.

While I was fishing last week, I cast my line out and as I reeled in I felt a tug. I reeled in faster and up came a mussel. It had closed on the hook, which had slid half a centimeter sideways into the open mouthed mussel. I gently tugged the hook out and skipped the mussel back into the lake. What are the chances of that happening?

Hares visited the camp site last week, hopping up the trail. Monty freaked out and went hare-hunting. He came back with nothing. Hound dogs and hares make an interesting mix. I was surprised to see hares in a wooded backcountry region of Algonquin Park - I figured they'd be more at home in open meadow areas. It might have been nice to cook a hare over the fire. Monty will try harder next time to bag one. I am - of course - just kidding. He prefers kibble and I prefer hot dogs.

Fettuccine Rotini was one of the meals I cooked over the fire - I boiled the pasta for a few minutes and added powder Fettuccine sauce into a mug and added water and evaporated milk, and mixed it all together for a hearty and warming meal. Now that I know I can easily cook pasta, my load will be that much lighter - I never figured to do that, assuming it would be tricky to cook pasta. I intend to buy a dehydrator and make my own beef and chicken jerky - and so the weight of my food will drop dramatically. Solo trip, here I come, less laden down than ever!

Enjoy your weekend!


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