Knife & Fire On Your Person

My friend Yoyar is preparing to leave for a 14 day solo canoeing trip through the north west area of Algonquin Park. Lucky devil.

He was watching a Ray Mears video yesterday (Canoe Journey), where he proclaims the importance of having your 'knife and fire kit on your person at all times'. Mungo agrees with this. Cleverly, Yoyar believes this applies to him and writes that it will be
"...useful if those giant eagles come down from Middle Earth and make off with my pack. (I always worry about that happening)."
Cough. Eh-hem. Anyway... He has a new Frosts Mora knife and sheath and has attached it all together thusly:

He used the Figure Eight Follow Through to secure the line. He also added a half hitch on the free end to add a tiny bit of extra security.

The gold caribiner attaches to the belt loop on the knife sheath. The red caribiner will attach to his belt. This keeps the knife close to his hip but dangling somewhat below so that it doesn't bind against his hip when he bends. Smart thinking, I think. I neck-carry my knife, for a number of reasons. One reason is that hip-carrying is uncomfortable for times when I kneel down and the sheath bites into my hip. The dangler is a great idea. It won't get in the way of the pack either while it is on his back. The fire steel and striker hang from the cord and go in his pocket.



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