Walkies Past a Hollow Apple Tree

All the ice and the snow is beginning to melt away with the brief appearance of some warm weather. Monty and I went for a walk in the slushy mess out back behind the house.

We wandered about and sniffed at trees and saw old mushrooms and rotten apples emerging from the snow.

There is an apple tree that has a hollow main branch. It looks like it is full of tunnels.

Pine cones and seeds and berries sustain the squirrel population around here.

Monty met up with a member of the neighbourhood canine population. Milk bones and kibble sustain these creatures.

As we passed by the apple tree again, I raised my camera up above my head and snapped a couple of shots. When I got home and looked at them on my computer, I realized that I had inadvertently taken a portrait of a curious squirrel.



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