Fumbling, Awkward, Maladroit Weather

The weather here in Toronto is feeling a little awkward. It can't seem to say the right thing, and always ends up bursting out with something inappropriate and maladroit.

Last night it dropped a big white fluffy blanket of snow on the trees and driveways and roads and rooftops. And then from the morning onwards into the evening it thought to start again (a bit embarassed I suppose) and ended up making a very big wet drippy mess of it all, and the more it tried to fix itself, the more everything got damp and soaked. Right now the weather has decided that wet is no longer 'in', and is trying hard to freeze it all solid overnight. It will awake having impulsively covered the whole city in a slippery, icy, hazardous sheen.

But don't worry. Just give it time. It will mature. And soon a nice wintery patina will emerge, and the crunch will return to the ground. And I will be out and about in the valley again, accompanied by a beagle leading the charge and snuffling about.

But in the meantime I am going to keep busy baking things. I am going to try baking bread next week.

Tonight I made a big chicken pot pie with a nice pastry crust.

That is all,


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