A Brief Respite from the Storm

Another layer of snow fell last night.

For a few hours we had bright skies, and the snow stopped.

So Monty and I stepped out into the backyard and explored.

It was actually warm outside.

Colours were brought out by the bright sun.

Monty stuck his nose right under the snow.

Monty reconnoitered the perimeter.

All around the shed.

Even observing the trees for signs of squirrels.

But he saw nothing untoward.

Small plants poked their heads above the blanket of snow.

No leaves are left on this day of the winter solstice.

Few tracks are left on the ground.

The birds are keeping away from the feeder, knowing that the storm hasn't ended yet.

Seeds are ready for eating.

The sparrows flock to the weeds when the all-clear signal has been received.

The compost bin is hardly composting in this cold.

It has since started up again, big flakes and clumps of snow pouring down from the bright clouds.

Hope you're enjoying the weather!


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