Getting Monty in Shape for our Camping Trip

I am working hard to get Monty in shape for his camping trip coming up in September. We do a nice long trek around the park each evening. In a week or so, I am going to do a short traverse of a loop in the valley, to get him more fit than he is now.

If we get hungry, we could take the meat out of acorns, crush them, steep them in a water for a couple of days to rinse out the bitter tannins, and then roast them in the fire.

We would avoid this Tippler's Bane mushroom.

We would look for edible ones instead.

We would search high and low for milk bones and snuffle around and look for rabbits.

While an apple tree would satisfy me, Monty has a more sophisticated palette: June bugs, flying ants, worms, and milk bones.

That's all for now.


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