Valley Vistas and Views

This weekend I intend to do a bit more trekking - but first let's cover off the last photographs from last weekend...

Creamy white quartzite pebble exposed from the clay cliff by the rains.

Ragged undergrowth and toppled trees by steep ravine walls.

Queen Anne's Lace or Wild Carrot blooming.

An electrical cable buried in the growing roots - because of the placement and region of the valley, this must be at least 50 years old. I'm guessing...

Staghorn sumac.

Nibble on the flowerettes and get that tangy flavour.

I unearthed a wild carrot root, and scraped the root casing off with my knife. It tasted one hand somewhat bland, but there was a nice sharp carrot smell, and a carroty aftertaste. This wouldn't be much sustenance, but it would certainly lend a wonderful flavour to a salad or to a stew... maybe if you could boil up a couple cups worth of roots, you'd get a good rush of starch.

The Sumac cold tea would give a good boost on a hot day or even a cold day... brew it cold and then heat it up afterward.

Wild Carrot flowers look so nice.

Wild Carrot roots looks so innocuous.

The root you see above is that of Chicory. Grab a handful of these, roast them up and make a coffee drink out of the ground-up roots.

Canada Goldenrod looks pretty.

I found this scat on a very inaccessible slope. I think it is either that of a skunk or even of a fox. Anyone? I was able to identify wolf poop when I went to New Hampshire last year. This looks skunkish or foxish...



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