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Please see below for a daily roundup of my Twitter posts from @MungoBah:
  • Mors Kochanski Courses ow.ly/20Kj8
  • Aurora Fire Starter By Solo Scientific ow.ly/21tEw
  • Aurora Firestarter Review ow.ly/21tEX
  • RT @frank_in_oz: Could you camp overnight carrying everything in a 20 litre day pack? Great comp and prizes.. ow.ly/21t62
  • RT @dcpathfinder: I posted 2 photos on Facebook in the album "Rapelling Class T" fb.me/zXeDGsYm
  • Perkele´s Blog: Log laavu update ow.ly/21vbg
  • TEOTWAWKI Blog: Pocket Dump! ow.ly/21vbx
  • WildernessSKIllsresearchcenter ow.ly/21vc0
  • Making A Pocket Burner ow.ly/21vcg
  • Rowangarth Farm: Madcap Monday - Summer Solstice edition ow.ly/21vcE
  • Hiking in Finland: Interview: Tom Hennessy from Hennessy Hammocks ow.ly/21vcL
  • A Woodsrunner's Diary: Making Stone Tools part 2. ow.ly/21vcT
  • A Woodsrunner's Diary: Making Stone Tools. ow.ly/21vd1
  • June at the cabin – Part 6 « Lap(Fen)lander's Natural Lore Blog ow.ly/21vdn
  • Hiking in Finland: The Week In Review ow.ly/21vdH
  • Monday Morning Stroll Through The Wet Woods « Wandering Owl Outside ow.ly/21vdO
  • Spreading Some "Link Love"!!! « Wandering Owl Outside ow.ly/21vea
  • flowing waters: Trout fishing - Finally ow.ly/21veL
  • Irrigation Syringe ow.ly/21vfv
  • Fat of the Land: Morel Madness ow.ly/21vfL
  • Nielsen Brown Outdoors: Packing for a long trip. ow.ly/21vgi
  • Gear Talk with Jason Klass: How to Choose an Alcohol Stove: Part 3: DIY or Buy ow.ly/21vgz
  • Timbuk2 ow.ly/21vgW
  • Rowangarth Farm: Natural baked goodness: whole wheat cinnamon buns ow.ly/21vho
  • June at the cabin – Part 4 « Lap(Fen)lander's Natural Lore Blog ow.ly/21vhA
  • June at the cabin – Part 3 « Lap(Fen)lander's Natural Lore Blog ow.ly/21vi4
  • Philosophizing with a Hammer: Grub lists ow.ly/21vix
  • Step-by-step: Making Cordage From Tree Bark (Part 2) « Skills For Wild Lives – ow.ly/21viM

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