49 Things For Your Emergency Car Kit

In case I need to drive somewhere north (and this did happen 1 year ago in the middle of the worst storm of the year), I need to be prepared in my car with equipment to last me a night or two. About 17 years ago I went camping in Algonquin Park in the middle of February. It was good and cold and full of snow. On my way back my timing belt broke while I was in a fairly remote stretch of road off of a highway. Luckily I got picked up by a young couple who drove me 45 minutes out into the country and gave me a bed for the night. One time about 20 years ago I was in a car accident in the mountains in Quebec, and the car my friend and I was in launched off of a mountain highway, and dropped about 30 feet into a snow-filled culvert. We did a full spin and landed right-side-up (Dukes of Hazard style). Folks saw us, a towing crew got us out and everything worked out okay.

But consider what could have happened if it had been late at night in a far more remote area. A thorough risk-assessement would dictate that you be prepared for the worst, especially in these unpredictable Canadian winters.

Here's what I carry in the trunk of my car:
  1. Alcohol Trangia Stove with 1 gallon of Methyl Hydrate fuel
  2. Cooking pot and mugs
  3. Cutlery
  4. Kettle
  5. 4 Nalgene Bottles (which can be used as hot water bottles at night)
  6. 5 litres of water
  7. Gransfors-Bruks Small Forest Axe
  8. Mora knife and Buck drop point hunting knife
  9. 8 wool blankets
  10. 2 down sleeping bags
  11. 4 MRE meal packs
  12. 2 packs beef jerky
  13. 1 Pepperoni - large
  14. 4 Mountain House Freeze Dried Entrees
  15. 4 tins Spam
  16. 6 boxes of Pop Tarts
  17. 6 large chocolate protein bars
  18. 4 large bags of plain and peanut M&Ms
  19. 4 tins corned beef
  20. Instant Rice
  21. Baby cereal, instant formula
  22. Instant soup mixes
  23. Tea bags
  24. Instant coffee
  25. 2 lbs sugar
  26. Hot chocolate packages
  27. Powdered milk
  28. Heavy Tarpaulin
  29. Light Guide Tarp
  30. 2 man tent
  31. Sleeping pads
  32. Firestarting kit - matches in a matchcase, ferrocerium rods (2), fatwood slivers, cotton wool with vaseline, lighters
  33. First-Aid Kit including sutures, needles, painkillers, ointments etc...
  34. Toiletries kit
  35. Knapsacks
  36. Wool pants
  37. Wool sweater
  38. Wool socks
  39. Winter jacket
  40. Winter gloves
  41. Wool hat
  42. Books
  43. AM / FM Radio with extra batteries
  44. Headlamp with extra batteries
  45. Utility Flashlight with large 6V battery (x2)
  46. Road flares
  47. Bag of salt
  48. Rope, cord
  49. Paper and pencils and pens
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