Flowers in the Park with a Sleepy Baby

On the weekend I took baby James out for a stroll to the park. It was very early and the rabbits were still hopping around in the grass.

The bark on the Sycamore tree (Platanus occidentalis) peels in a dramatic way, revealing bright patterns.

A Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) squawked in a tree, trying to awaken the neighbourhood.

This Common Inkcap, or Tippler's Bane (Coprinopsis atramentaria) is edible, but poisonous if you drink it with alcohol. It won't kill or permanently harm you - it'll just give you a terrific hangover - vomiting, headache, etc...

It is shriveled and begins to dissolve with deliquescence.

James looks about and begins to get sleepy.

These Houseleeks or Liveforever (Sempervivum) just look nice.

With the park having not been mown for over a month due to the worker's strike, the thistles and other weeds are growing tall and strong.

The bumblebees are having a bonanza of pollen gathering.

Not sure what these purple flowers are. But they're nice.

Thistles looks so soft and silky. The pointy bits are spiky.

Blue flowers.

Yellow flowers.

Yellow flowers with purple middle bits.

They're nice.

Dill weed (Anethum graveolens). Nice on salmon.

Cone flowers (Echinacea) are radiant.

Echinacea is supposed to be good for colds.

The Dill (Anethum graveolens) has some really delicate flowers, in keeping with the delicate flavouring.

Bumblebees like Echinacea.

Echinacea has different coloured petals.

The bark on the Sycamore trees (Platanus occidentalis) was peeling.

Crunchy Sycamore bark litter lay all around.

James slept while the sounds of the wind and birds played around him.

There were fields full of Common chicory (Cichorium intybus) waving about in the wind attracting insects.



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