Backcountry Camping in Algonquin Park: Trip Booked!

I have just booked a back country site in Algonquin Provincial Park for a week in June. The site is at the end of 2 adjoining lakes. To get in to the first lake, there is a 2 kilometer portage through thick woods from the spot off the highway where I will park the car. Once in the lake, it should only take about an hour or two to paddle in to the site. It is a fairly unknown place to camp (at least from what I have read), and because of the effort to get into the site, I expect there to be no-one else on either of the lakes during the trip.

The little boy won't be coming with me, as he is only 5 months old, and cannot yet grasp a paddle in a coordinated manner. The hound dog will be coming though. He keeps the bears and the hippos at bay.

Fishing, canoeing, photography, gathering wild edibles. It's gonna be good!

Algonquin, here I come!

Hope you are having a good day.


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