A Long Weekend - Day 1

Today we had Spring's cousin and her husband over. They're on their way to emigrating from Turkey to Canada. We drank wine and talked and it was good. The squirrels watched from outside the window and ate the bird seed. So I went outside and sprayed the pole that holds the feeder up with WD40 Silicone Oil spray. Hopefully it'll prevent the tasty critters from climbing up the pole.

We went for a walk down at Cherry Beach. It was windy and cool. I could have stayed there for hours.

A few dogs roamed about.

Seagulls flew about.

The green hasn't come out on the trees on the island across the bay yet.

Once back home, I visited the back garden with Monty.

I ate some violet flowers. They taste like Raspberries. Really.

I think these are Hyacinths.

Monty just soaked in the sun.

At first the rose bush looked dead.

Small flowers are beginning to bloom.

Remnants of last year have appeared through the slush and snow.

Tulips and other bulbed plants are beginning to appear.


Small vibrant shoots are appearing at the base of the rose bush.

All the birds in the neighbourhood are coming by for the buffet.

These are delicious. I forget what they're called.

I'm looking forward to the spring time in the garden. I've decided to plant a good sized vegetable garden. We shall see.



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