The Warming Weather - The Sun and the Snow

The past few weeks have been really cold here in Toronto.

Monty has been relegated to running out for a pee, performing a rushed perimeter reconnaisance of the property, and running back inside... his paws get cold.

He likes to lay down on his day bed by the back window and watch the birds and the squirrels eat their food from the feeders. After a while he'll stick his head under Tigger his toy and have a sleep.

With our new baby James in the house, it has been a pretty busy schedule. In the few quiet moments, I have been staying inside and cooking stews and roasting hams in lieu of wandering the great outdoors.

But today the cold has broken, if only temporarily. It is a couple of degrees above freezing, and the sun is burning down bright and hot. Monty and I walked around the back garden - me blazing trails in the deep and softening snow, and him following haltingly but happily behind.

When I left him alone, he chose a nice spot in the snow to sit down and soak in the sun.

Hope you are enjoying the winter in the great outdoors, or at least dreaming of being in the outdoors...



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