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In a week, two days, and a handful of hours, I will be in the car leaving the driveway, preparing to drive north to Algonquin Park. My backsack will be packed, Monty the beagle will be relaxed, sitting on a blanket and strapped in to the backseat of the car, and Spring will be waving from the front door.

Between then and now I have a major project to release at work - it has been a lot of effort, time, and engagement with the vendor and client group - and it is going well. Knock on wood, I'll be able to release the project smoothly and be able to focus on camping preparations on the weekend prior. The subsequent release phases can wait until I return.

I'm keeping my eyes on the bug report for Algonquin Park - Mosquitoes are apparently still high to medium, but the good news is that the season has ended for Black Flies, Horse Flies, Deer Flies, Stable Flies, and No-see-ums. Hopefully the temperature will drop over the next couple of weeks and reduce the number of mosquitoes. I'm bringing a bug shirt (with a fine mesh hood) and DEET repellent anyway.

The other thing I will look at shortly before departing is the Algonquin Provincial Park Weather Report & Forecast. I can deal with bad weather though. I'd rather clouds of rain than clouds of mosquitoes.

Here is a great resource - a High Quality JPG Algonquin Park Map (not a direct file link). It is broken up into small submaps on this page (again, not a direct file link).

When I return I will organize my photos using the latest release of Google Picasa.

But most importantly, today at lunch I need to reserve a canoe through Algonquin Outfitters - something that will be light for the portage.

That's it for now,



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