Reflections on Camping Food

I'm pretty hungry right now and a bit cold and hungry for a camping excursion so I thought I'd ramble on a little about food and camping.

Catching a fish and frying it up makes for a good meal. You need to be careful and prepare it right otherwise you and your friends will get fish bones stuck in the gums. Salt, pepper, and any nice spices like juniper berries that you can find nearby will add a terrific bite to the fish.

You can use a naphtha stove or a fire, I guess it depends on your needs and circumstances. For a quick hot drink in the morning, I'd rather use my stove. If I'm off on a hike and moving around a lot, again, I'd use the stove. But if I am in place, then the smoke of a fire adds to the flavour, and is irreplaceable.

Gather blueberries with whatever, and whenever you can. They're good. Just don't strip the whole area, because others will want to have some - including the fauna of the area...

While I made these scrambled eggs from plain old eggs, I'd like to get my hands on some powdered eggs - all the better for transport. Does anyone know where I can get some powdered eggs in Toronto? I don't feel like dehydrating any eggs myself.

A misty morning paddle. Ain't nuthin' like it.

The morning sun up north is the same sun down here. But it feels different. Even to a beagle.

Hot coffee, hot tea, warm food.

Hot meals over the fire.

Bacon wakes you up and you can fry food in the bacon grease left over, unless your beagle gets to it first.

A fire keeps you warm.

Sitting on a foam pad in the snow, or in the cold. The secret of comfort while camping is knowing where the heat goes. Does it flow out of you into the ground? Into the air? Into the water? And what do you put between the ground, the air, the water and you?

Put insulation between you and the cold. Envision the gradient, the delta... prevent heat loss. Have food full of calories, and make sure that you are properly hydrated. Wrap yourself in wool and fleece and natural skins.

And put hot food in you.

And put hot stones warmed by your fire close to you. Fill a Nalgene bottle with boiling water, and wrap it in a towel... keep it close to you.

A few years ago in August we went camping, and I spent the night shivering and freezing cold, and could have followed my own darned advice. I will next time.



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