The Backyard Shed is Varnished

Last week I decided to varnish the newly built backyard shed. It will now be ready for the rains, the hail and snows of winter. I bought a gallon of outdoors, water-soluble Varathane polyurethane varnish, and a couple of cheap brushes.

I popped the can open with a screwdriver, and put the lid inside the shed on the work bench I have been using.

I have extra wood left over from the build - this will come in handy for future projects.

Using my father's patented door-keeper-opener, I cleaned up around the shed and placed any loose pieces of wood and nails into the shed, and I got ready to varnish.

The door handle mechanism mounts nicely in the door.

The handle and hinges complement one another - and finish the look nicely.

I began by cutting the edges with varnish - I covered the trim pieces, the shutters and door first. In all, it took me about 2 hours.

Once I had covered the trim, I began work on the broad surfaces of the walls. Whatever varnish I had left, I used to paint the long shelves inside.

When I was done, Monty and I played a spirited game of fetch.

The final result was very pleasing. The wood will a naturally age and change colour under the varnish, but will be less inclined to rot or break down due to water damage.

Monty's pathway around the shed is tidied up and ready for his regular reconnaissance patrols.

The shed is - for all intents and purposes - finished for the year. Next spring a ramp will need to be installed, and perhaps a couple of aesthetic touches can be added. Perhaps a hanging plant pot, a bird feeder or something like that - we'll see.



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