Updated Canoe Trip Map

No longer am I planning a solo trip, it turns out my Dad is coming with me, and possibly a friend (who shall go unnamed until he/she decides whether he/she is going to come with us). And as such, I thought it might be nice to have a little portage and go into a more remote location. I created a custom 'My Maps' map on Google Maps, and e-mailed it to them to help them understand the route. With Google Maps I can map out the route, add commentary to way-points (i.e. places along with way) and send them a single link illustrating the path - even if there are no roads in place.

To see it yourself, see the map link here and also check out the image below. Neat thing is that you can download this route map as a .kmz file into Google Earth, and do some 3D zooming to see exactly what the trip will appear like from a canoe-vantage point.

Here is a video from Google Earth Pro derived from the .kmz file illustrating the path mapped out above. This is a great way to visualize your proposed trip route - an added feature of Google Earth Pro.



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