Around The New Home

This evening after work, I drove to see our new home. While we don't take possession for another month, I figured I would take a few photos and explore the streets around. When I got there, the sun was getting low in the sky - it was around 5:45.

I captured a few images, and thought about how the next month would bring warmer weather, and bring buds and leaves to the big maple tree in the front yard of the house.

I drove down the road slowly about a hundred yards and parked - looked around and noticed that parking was allowed on the side streets - a rarity in Toronto these days, it seems to me.

The park is wide and rolling, with a playground for kids, and at the front of it a few trees ready for finches and other small birds that seemed to be feasting on seeds, and hopping about on the lodgepole pines.

The birches and the willows and the maples scattered about the green.

Red bursts of buds are emerging in the warmth of the closing days of March, soft new green leaves are just around the corner.

Can't wait until we move in!

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