Axe, Paracord, Tarp, Palm

Today was cool, windy and bright. The pooch and I went for a stroll along the pier and enjoyed the sunshine in the morning - no-one was around, most folks were likely sleeping in, perhaps in their hammocks. Speaking of hammocks, not sure if I would use a hammock when camping but if I did, I would tie it to a tree thusly.

Here is an article about Gransfors Bruks Axes - this is what I am asking for for Christmas. If I get the axe for Christmas, I intend to put it into action on a nice standing dead tree in a nice old stand of trees.

I sold an old, unused Palm IIIc on eBay the other day, and also my old HP laser printer. I am going to list a bunch of other electronic stuff I've got sitting around in boxes here in the office. I also bought 45 feet of green MIL-C-5040 Type III paracord (for camping) and two 20-litre dry bags from Mountain Equipment Co-op (for canoeing and camping). It was really inexpensive, and I suppose the trick is just to explore and eventually you'll come up with a deal.

I'll be picking up the bags and getting the cord in the mail soon enough. Paracord is good for anything from tarp setup to camp setup to an emergency fishing line (flexible outer sheath contains 7 nylon inner strands), to snares and more.

I'll likely use it for setting up the tarp and makeshift construction in the camp. The dry bags will help me organize my stuff in the canoe and backsack and - equally important - keep food and equipment dry. I can even hang them in the trees as a bear bag to keep critters away. Last year I awoke to the sound of nibbling - a racoon had scaled 10 feet and was putting holes in my garbage bag tied on to a branch. This will be a little sturdier, and I can free-hang it.

You know - I'd like a tarp. I use a big blue Canadian Tire tarp now, and it is huge, bulky and not so good. I'd love a proper one. Perhaps for my birthday next June...

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