Wildlife Illustration

I was very interested in wildlife illustration as a kid, my parents bought me books by Keith Brockie and Glen Loates who I met at White's bookstore in Oakville and he signed a book for me and made an illustration of an eagle for me. I dreamed that one day I would be able to draw like Glen Loates and live a gypsy life like I pictured Keith Brockie lived.

In the summer between grade 8 and grade 9 - between leaving public school and gearing up to going to private school which I had written a test to get into and had passed with much excitement and pride - I was in the old section of the town in which I grew up. I had a sketch book and set of pencils with me and was tucked into a grassy fenceline drawing an old house. A skinny old woman walked by and asked to look at my work. Later on she ended up being a major artist, but more importantly, turned out to be an art professor at the private school I attended for the next year. She gave me a few suggestions and remembered my name. I remember hers - Betty something.

I think I should start drawing again. I'd like to get good at it.

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