Mine, all mine.

I left my work today and went down my elevator that I made and walked out through my lobby onto my sidewalk which I constructed, crossed my road which I built, entered my car and drove out along my roads through my city and picked up my wife and my mother-in-law and drove and passed through my traffic jam which was a good one and drove past my highway which was full of my vehicles. Then as I pulled into my side-road, my policeman let me through because I've blocked my main road to my traffic because of my festivals and then I went through my parking garage door, parked in my underground lot which I built, went up my elevator, entered my condominium, played with my dog, made my family dinner which was my rice and my curry and my chickpeas and went for a walk with my dog onto my grass and then later I got my hair cut at my haircutter and sat in my haircutter chair and discussed my topics.

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