Leaders' Debate

I'm currently watching the debate. Here are my first thoughts about the various players:

Paul Martin

  • passionate
  • believable
  • out of touch
  • rich experience
  • lots to say
  • confident

Steven Harper

  • is a victim of countless ad hominem attacks by yours truly
  • is a buffoon
  • probably smells very bad
  • has gas (appeared to during the debate)
  • clasps his hands tightly together and rocks back and forth as he realizes that his henchmen have not prepared him for reasonable arguments against all of his decidedly-unsophisticated positions
  • is an idiot
  • is actually packing a handgun in his belt beneath his jacket
  • petty and intellectually stunted
  • evasive and dangerous
  • possibly our next Prime Minister
  • God save us
  • God supports Harper's stand on handguns, and in fact packs a really large Smith & Wesson bigger than the Milky Way galaxy.

Jack Layton

  • trying to sell me a car
  • too much a 'politician'
  • good ideas
  • unseasoned
  • doesn't really connect with people well - relies on theory too much
  • spends a disproportionate amount of time grooming his mustache

Gilles Duceppe

  • I suspect Eric Idle and him were separated at birth.
  • seems a bit drunk
  • not at all sure what he wants to do for us
  • not sure why he talks about 'Canada and Quebec'... did anyone else pick that up?

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