In The Garden There Is Life

In the garden there is life. To wit:

Seagulls wheeling about, jockeying for position to pick up bread from the neighbour's backyard.

Seagulls keeping watch on an overcast day. They fly up to the north of the city when the storms are out on the lake. That's how I know if a day is going to be clear or not - I watch the skies and see which way the gulls are headed.

A 'Purple Sensation' onion flower (Allium hollandicum) is in bloom in the other neighbour's backyard.

A squirrel takes a break from clambering about the trees.

The green is glowing just about now.

The Allium is looking radiant.

My eye spied some bird down laying delicately in the cup of a dandelion flower.

The Sage (Folia salviae) that I planted last year is coming up bigger than ever.

I am looking forward to huge amounts of the Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) that I planted last year.

The Allium bulbs are popping up all over the place.

A caterpillar appears to be taking a nap on a rose hip.

Last year's rose hips look so nice.

I'll need to trim them back soon.



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