Firewood, Cormorants, Arctic Terns, Seagulls, and Canada Geese

After a quick trip out to an appointment, I stopped down at the lake to take a few pictures. To me, taking pictures is a bit like gathering firewood. You have to stand quietly and wait for a little, and then things begin to appear before you. The sticks hung up in the undergrowth make themselves apparent. Behind that log there is a crashed down tree. Along the shore you'll see some dry driftwood.

Well, photographs are like that. I stood for a while and all I saw were a few silly seagulls. But then a Cormorant zoomed past me like a prehistoric Pterodactyl.

An Arctic Tern wheeled above me, feasting on flying insects.

Another Cormorant zoomed overhead, looking like a Vulcan bomber.

Two fussy Canadian Geese flew out to some interlopers and attacked them and then returned to defend what appeared to be a nesting area.

A Cormorant stood watch from the top of the lighthouse.

Seagulls fought amongst themselves.

I'm not sure if they were defending a stretch of spotty concrete or trying to impress one another.

But either way, just watching them all left me feeling refreshed and ready to go about the rest of my day.


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