Edible Backyard Plants - Legitimate and Otherwise

I have been out in the back garden eating things again today. My wife gives me a look of alarm as I stuff greenery into my mouth, and even more so when I reply that I don't know exactly what it is I've just eaten, but it sure tastes good.

Some of the bird seed from the winter appears to have taken seed in the cracks between the bricks on the back patio. I'm doing my part to weed the patio by eating the succulent leaves.

I ate some mint and some sage that grows by the fence. I ate some Johnny Jump Up flowers. I ate some dandelion leaves - the young ones. I ate some maple seedling leaves. They're not great.

I thought I'd found some wild onions, but they didn't smell like onion or garlic so I didn't eat them because I was suspicious - some poisonous plants look like edible plants.

I haven't seen any mushrooms yet, but I'll keep my eyes peeled.

There is a section of the back garden that I am going to prepare and turn into a vegetable patch. I will rent a rototiller and prepare the ground, and then plant carrots and onion sets and maybe potatoes again this year. Then I'll be able eat more things growing in the garden - more legitimately.

Hope you're all enjoying the spring weather,


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